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The AUT Web Centre would like to thank all of you who took part in our December 2000/ January 2001 user survey

We had a great response and are presently collating the information and suggestions that you sent us.

Four hundred people took the trouble to share their preferences with us. These will be of great assistance as we plan for the launch of our new site design at the end of May.

Web Improvements. Would you like to suggest improvements we might make to our website?

Thank you for completing this comments form. Enter your email address below so that we can respond to your suggestions if needed

Email Address.


And the winner of our PRIZE DRAW COMPETITION is....(CLICK HERE FOR DRUM ROLL ).......... G.DUGGAN of Powerlink. You have won $NZ100 of CDís of your choice and we shall be in touch !

Roger Smith - Manager AUT Web Centre