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Our Current Web Policy

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This policy establishes general and specific guidelines for employees, students, contractors and any others who may be used as a resource to produce  and publish web pages to provide information on or about the Auckland University  of Technology.


This policy applies to all web pages published on behalf of Auckland University of Technology containing information regarding the University and/or the services/facilities.



Purpose of Web Page Publishing Policy

This policy is to ensure the University's web pages are consistent,  easy-to-navigate, accurate and up-to-date. It also ensures that the content does not damage the reputation, image or operations of the University.

Web Page Design and Branding Specifications

Web pages must comply with the design and branding specifications prior to publishing:

Top level pages:

Pages within one click from the homepage or sub-site homepages (index page) within one or two clicks from the homepage, must include AUTís logo banner and the top-level style sheet. These elements must be incorporated using the syntax specified in the technical  specifications.

All Pages

All pages providing information about AUT on the AUT Internet/Intranet site  must contain the standard AUT footer.

All pages must apply the appropriate style sheet to ensure appropriate font  style and size is used. Italics and bold may be used for emphasis. Style sheets  must be applied using the syntax specified in the technical specifications.

Links to the main AUT homepage must use the syntax specified in the technical specifications.

All must have a white background if the logo banner is used.

Wherever the logo banner or standard footer appear on a webpage they must  be inserted as a "server-side include" using the syntax specified in the technical specifications.

Any image sourced from must be incorporated using the syntax specified in the technical specifications and must not be copied into other directories.


Detailed specifications for selection & use of imagery, webpage design and branding reside in branding

The Web Centre regularly reviews AUT web pages to ensure pages conform to the generic branding requirements and specifications of AUT. There should be no noncompliant web pages and any that are found will be removed until such time as the necessary alterations are made.

Web Page Content Specifications

All pages

For equity of access the content of the homepage and the top-level pages must  be fully accessible to text-only browsers or users navigating without loading images. These pages will either be available in text-only versions or they will incorporate text equivalents for graphical links and imagemaps.

Each page should indicate the date of creation or the date the page was last updated at the bottom left, above the footer.

Each page will be thoroughly checked before loading to live site, with emphasis on spelling and links. see process

Each page must provide an email address for users to easily report errors to site owner (or designated person within their Unit/Faculty/Directorate).see conduit staff

Where web pages are found to contain mistakes or are not following the Web Page Publishing Specifications the owner will be notified and given a period of  time to make the necessary alterations. The page(s) maybe removed from the web site if these alterations are not completed  within this period.

Responsibility for Content 

The content is subject to  the Fair Trading Act, Privacy Act 1993 and Consumers Guarantees Act (also refer  to legal specifications section 5). It is the responsibility of the person delegated by the head of the unit who owns the sub-site to verify the  correctness of the information they provide and to update the information  whenever necessary. see process. The procedure for approval of any content to be included in  AUT's website is the same as for printed material.

Keeping Content Up-to-date

The head of the unit must specify a revise-by-date in the Internet Publishing  Agreement (IPA) they sign with Web Centre & ITG  when they first upload their web site. Only the unitís designated conduit staff member should update their website and this must occur with regularity and at least as often as agreed in their publishing agreement. Web  sites containing course information should be updated at least every six months and will be checked by Registry for accuracy of information.  Units which fail to update their site by the agreed date will be warned and given a grace period of a fortnight to update their site. If the site has not been updated after the grace period has elapsed and if the siteís presence is considered by the Manager - Web Centre to be damaging to AUT's reputation and overall site performance, then the site will be withdrawn.

Promotion of Other Activities

Promotion of links and pages that are not related to AUT will be be permitted only where they contribute to the holistic presence of the university and match its current online strategies. Where the intent of content is in dispute the Web Centre Manager will consult the appropriate Faculty Dean or  Director to resolve the issue.

These subsidiary sites must ensure that their introductory pages include (or provide clear links to) the following information:

Their purpose  and relationship to AUT

Ensure visitor will understand the services, facilities, support, etc. offered.

Contact details

Ensure that visitors can easily contact the 'unit' by:                                                               - Email
- Postal and physical street address
- Telephone and fax  numbers

AUT Web Page Technical Specifications

Please ensure that you contact the Manager - Web Centre in the first instance to discuss your technical specifications.  Currently acceptable specifications are set out in the technical specifications section

The section includes information on and specifications regarding: Web Content Accessibility, HTML standards, file and directory naming  conventions, frames, cgi-scripts, plugins, acceptable document formats and  the browser technologies on which AUT web pages are expected to display  correctly. All pages must comply with the specifications prior to publishing. The Web Centre will only sign off web pages for uploading that confirm  to these specifications.

The Web Centre in consultation with ITG will regularly review the technical  specifications to ensure they are consistent with new standards as they emerge from the World Wide Web Consortium.

Inappropriate material which includes libellous, racist, sexist, pornographic, private and copyrighted material outside the terms permitted in  the copyright statement, copyright law and international copyright conventions  and otherwise illegal material will not be published on any sub-site.

Legal advice should be sought where there is any reasonable doubt as to the  appropriateness of material being published. Where there is any reasonable doubt the Manager-Web Centre reserves the right to  require a unit to produce a legal opinion confirming that they are entitled to  publish the material in question, be it information, images, software, or other  material.


Web Page Legal Specifications

The footer (hypertext) required at the bottom of each page provides a link to  the standard AUT disclaimer. If more specific disclaimers are needed for  particular material on any web page, it is the responsibility of the owner of  that page to advise the Web Centre and seek the necessary legal advice so that the necessary wording be included.


The above specifications will also apply to webpages published on the  University's Intranet,

Updated: January 2001