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The Web Centre’s role is to ensure continuity of the site is maintained. All AUT web sites will be developed using the following process:

Preparatory meeting/s with the Web Centre staff to establish the web requirement, scale and scope of project, content, extranet / intranet profiling, relevance, creative opportunities, budgetary constraints, use of language, site personalisation, AUT generic linkages, identification of conduit staff who will maintain site content

Selection of Content by commissioning parties in consultation with the Web Centre followed by

Content review undertaken by the Web Centre who distribute this material to faculty marketing, external relations, registry, equity and other necessary staff for their comment and proofing

Selection and commissioning of Web designers and contractors will be carefully monitored to ensure that the highest design standards are met. The Web Centre will maintain a list of approved contractors for these tasks. Please be aware that individual enthusiasm and best intentions do not guarantee good results (as the past has proved). Our intent is to moderate all publishing on the AUT website and only sites that have undergone this project process will be published and deemed to be part of the AUT website

In keeping with our user-driven philosophy, surveys of potential site users will take place at the commencement of the project and the development process will include both alpha & beta testing stages. In the case of major site redevelopment this might also include the use of the AUT usability laboratory

Technical requirements for each site will be subject to ongoing review as development progresses and these will need to adhere to the current technical guidelines

Before publishing each site will be systematically proofed while it is on the university’s development server, to ensure that spelling and grammar are correct. Site messaging will also be studied to confirm that it meets ethical, legal and brand requirements.

Alpha & Beta Testing needs to take place prior to final publication to the AUT extranet (public open access). All sites need to meet the needs of the site user and depending upon the complexity of the project, it may also be necessary to employ the use of the AUT Usability laboratory.

Sign Off will occur after the selection of an AUT sub domain name and final review of content and design. Once this moderation process is complete, the site / page will become part of the AUT website and visible on either the extranet or intranet depending upon appropriateness and security.

Templates are being developed for the rapid transmission of news items, webzines, conference information to the web. Conduit staff will be able to channel their information effortlessly through a WORD formatted document to the AUT web